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Curcumin Maximum Strength 750 mg 95 % Curcuminoids Herb Antioxidant 100 Capsules

Curcumin Maximum Strength 750 mg 95 % Curcuminoids Herb Antioxidant 100 Capsules
Curcumin Maximum Strength 750 mg 95 % Curcuminoids Herb Antioxidant 100 Capsules
Curcumin Maximum Strength 750 mg 95 % Curcuminoids Herb Antioxidant 100 Capsules
Curcumin Maximum Strength 750 mg 95 % Curcuminoids Herb Antioxidant 100 Capsules

Curcumin Maximum Strength 750 mg 95 % Curcuminoids Herb Antioxidant 100 Capsules    Curcumin Maximum Strength 750 mg 95 % Curcuminoids Herb Antioxidant 100 Capsules
100 capsules 750mg Per Serving Size 2 Capsules. 2 Capsules Daily With A Meal. Pwerful Antioxidant With Many Anti Aging Benefits. Noted Doctors Talk About Benefits Of This Natural Whole Herb On Health Shows. Easy Swallow Capsules , No coloring Dyes, Great Formula.

Can Help Support Healthy Cardiac Systems. Its part of the ginger family and considered a natural botanical compound. The roots are traditionally boiled, dried and ground into a powder. The plant grows to 5-6 feet tall in the tropical regions of Southern Asia with trumpet shaped, yellow flowers. Turmeric has been used in India for 4,000 years and is a major part of Ayurvedic medicine, which originated in India more than 3,000 years ago and remains one of the countrys traditional health care systems.

Its concepts about health and disease promote the use of herbal compounds, special diets, and other unique health practices. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties in turmeric are mainly attributed to its most active component, Curcumin. This compound is also what gives turmeric is yellow-orange color. An antioxidant helps to fight against free radicals in the body, which can damage DNA, cell membranes and even cause cells to die. Curcumin may even help prevent some of the damage that free radicals can cause. It also lowers the levels of two enzymes in the body that cause inflammation. Many diseases and illnesses may be positively affected by the Curcumin found in turmeric. 1 Heart Disease : Because Curcumin helps stops platelets from clumping together and forming blood clots, turmeric may help blood clots from building up in the arteries. Early studies have suggested that turmeric may prevent atherosclerosis , which is caused by plaque buildup that can cause heart attacks or stroke. 2 Brain Health : A recent study suggests that Curcumin contains a brain boosting chemical could help slow the progressions of Alzheimers by helping hippocampal brain cells grow. Weil suggests that taking turmeric as a component in an anti-inflammatory diet, which can help prevent the risk of Alzheimers. In his website, he discusses the research that indicates that turmeric has been shown to prevent amyloid plaque formation in animals. 3 Cancer: It has been suggested by early research that Curcumin may help prevent or treat several types of cancers, including prostate, breast, skin and colon cancer. More research is needed to determine whether this is due to its strong antioxidant properties which protect cells from damage.

4 Indigestion : Studies have found that turmeric reduced symptoms of bloating and gas in people suffering from indigestion. It has been prescribed in Germany as an approved herb to treat digestive issues.

5 Osteoarthritis : Researchers believe that the anti-inflammatory properties in turmeric can help people with the pain and disability of arthritis. When combined with other herbs such as winter cherry, boswelia and zinc, less pain was reported.

6 Uveitis: In a study of people with chronic anterior uveitis, an inflammation of the eyes iris, Curcumin was just as effective as prescribed medication of corticosteroids. 7 Bacterial and Viral Infections : Turmeric has been shown to kill bacteria and viruses but researchers need to do more studies of this to determine how effective it would be in people. Some apply turmeric to the skin for pain, ringworm, bruising, soreness inside the mouth and infected wounds.

8 Fat Metabolism and Weight Management : While studies are still preliminary, researchers atTufts University believe turmeric may help prevent weight gain by blocking absorption of fat. 9 Anti-Depressant: In Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine, turmeric is used as an anti-depressant. Reduces Blood Sugar Levels Naturally.

Nature's Superfood Vegetable Capsule. Enhances the production of Enzymes improving Liver Function. Reduces The Symtoms of Arthritis Natures Own Anti Inflammatory Herb. Great For Skin and Hair Health. Powerful natural antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and promotes radiant skin.

Aids in digestion and supports liver, colon, joint and vision health. Premium Quality Supplement - Manufactured and tested in the USA in GMP.

NO GMOs, BINDERS, FILLERS, PRESERVATIVES Our Turmeric Curcumin supplement is completely pure and safe. There are no GMOs, artificial ingredients, fillers, binders, preservatives or stearates in our supplement. Amount Per Serving % Of Daily Value.

From 790mg of Standerized Tumeric Root Extract. DIRECTIONS: For adults, take two (2) capsule daily, preferably with a meal. Other Ingredients: Gelatin, Rice Powder.

WARNING: If you are pregnant, nursing or taking any medications, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur.

NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY PERSONS UNDER THE AGE OF 18. CONTAINS NO: Artificial coloring, artificial flavor, preservatives, yeast, corn, milk or milk derivatives, lactose, salt, sodium, soy, sugar, gluten, starch or wheat.


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  • Purpose: Anti Aging Antioxidant,Weight Loss,Heart Health
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: United States
  • Formulation: 100 Capsules
  • Expiration Date: 2019 Or Later
  • Brand: Vitamins Because Your Worth It
  • Gender: Unisex

Curcumin Maximum Strength 750 mg 95 % Curcuminoids Herb Antioxidant 100 Capsules    Curcumin Maximum Strength 750 mg 95 % Curcuminoids Herb Antioxidant 100 Capsules