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Yamoa 120 Capsules Food Supplement 2 4 months' supply

Yamoa 120 Capsules Food Supplement 2 4 months' supply

Yamoa 120 Capsules Food Supplement 2 4 months' supply   Yamoa 120 Capsules Food Supplement 2 4 months' supply

You're most likely here because you've heard about Yamoa. Through a friend, relative, colleague or even a stranger who's witnessed your suffering and felt compelled to tell you about it. Now you are looking to find out what all the fuss is about. This listing is for 1 x Yamoa 120 Capsules Food Supplement - Funtumia elastica in a vegan capsule with magnesium stearate as an anti-caking agent. This is 2 - 4 months' supply.

A Unique 100% Natural Food Supplement. Probably the Safest Natural Lasting Treatment for.

Asthma & Other Respiratory Allergies. Yamoa is the powdered bark of a gum tree from Ghana, which has been traditionally used mixed in honey and taken twice a day to eradicate the symptoms of breathing ailments. The stem, leaves and seeds of the tree have also been used in traditional medicine for other purposes, but it is the powdered bark that has had the most profound effect on peoples' lives. Since the early 1990s it has been brought to the UK and manufactured to GMP standards, and is available as a food supplement in pure powder and vegetarian capsule form.

Improving so Many People's Lives. Why do so many of our customers take the time to write or make a video to send us describing their experiences with Yamoa? Simply because Yamoa changed their lives when they had almost given up hope and they want to thank us for making it available to them and inspire others to try it. Even the most sceptical people turn to Yamoa as a last resort and are astonished at the results.

Yamoa can reduce your Health Costs. Yamoa is affordable, costing less than a takeaway coffee each day, and unlike other options that give you only temporary relief with unwanted side-effects, your very first order of Yamoa may be the very last penny you will need to spend on respiratory medication. Like many before you, you could embark on a new drug-free life, and Yamoa is so safe, even a one-year-old child can use it without any known health risk. Over the last ten years, independent researchers have been intrigued by the dramatic anecdotal evidence from Yamoa users, enough to secure their own funding sources for research into its active constituents, no doubt in their search for new medicinal actives. Findings have revealed that Yamoa is an effective anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antifungal and an anti-plasmodial; it stimulates innate immunity, improves the white blood cell count and slants the allergic immune response on a molecular level.

The slanting of the immune system on a molecular level is key here, hence we receive so many reports of long term, lasting results. By changing a TH2 (abnormal) response to allergens to an increased level in TH1 responses (normal), Yamoa brings about a resolution to the root cause of the problem, rather than just dealing with the symptoms. Simply put, all these factors together explain just why Yamoa is so effective at changing the bodys response to allergens which trigger asthma attacks, hay fever (seasonal rhinitis) and help to improve respiratory health - for some people well beyond their expectations. Research findings have been reported in highly respected peer reviewed journals such as.

This research blows the placebo effect out of the water, as does the fact that it works for children and animals. Yamoa Powder is fast becoming scientifically acknowledged as. Herb to turn to for supporting respiratory health.

By far the best news about Yamoa is what it's done for sufferers worldwide - and what it could do for you. A short course of 2 months can yield long-term results.

No unwelcome side-effects - there are no side effects that people can anticipate with either short or long-term use. Easy to use - mix the powder into honey or your food, or simply take the capsules twice a day. Safe for all ages - children as young as 1yr old can take Yamoa.

Non-Toxic and certified organic - all toxicology reports have been favourable, and certified organic in country of origin. Manufactured to full British and International GMP Standards. Safe when taken with other medications even people on complex drug or supplement regimes have not had problems taking Yamoa at the same time.

Free from Heavy Metals, Salmonella, E. Coli, Coliform and Streptococci - all tests have proven negative for these. Endorsed by the Foundation for Alternative & Integrative Medicine - Yamoa is the. Product endorsed by this organisation. Yamoa Powder has been traditionally used to aid recovery from respiratory and allergic conditions.

Yamoa Powder is an herbal remedy that originates from West Africa, and has been handed down throughout the generations. Yamoa Powder is a totally natural substance made from the ground bark of a unique gum tree found in West Africa, it contains no other additives.

Mix the entire contents of the 30gm bottle thoroughly with an average size jar of honey, about 1lb (454gm). Stir well until the powder is completely mixed, also stir the mixture each time you use it. Adults: One 5 ml spoonful of mixture twice a day for one month continuously. Children: under the age of 12: Half a 5ml teaspoon of mixture twice a day until finished.

Or take a ¼ of a 5ml spoon of neat powder twice a day with a glass of water or fruit juice, tea or any beverage. These vegetarian capsules are filled with pure Yamoa Powder, and are convenient approach to taking the original powder. These capsules can be as effective as the powder, and can be taken by diabetics who have. Been unable to take Yamoa mixed with honey or other sweeteners to mask the taste, and by busy people on the move.

Yamoa Powder Capsules come in containers of 60 or 120 capsules, lasting 30 or 60 days for adults, 60 or 120 days for children under 12. No need to mix with honey or other sweeteners or beverages, other than for children (see below). 1 capsule twice a day (morning and evening) with water. CHILDREN aged 12 and under.

½ capsule twice a day (morning and evening) mixed in honey or jam, maple syrup or other foodstuff to mask bitter taste. If the child is old enough to swallow the capsule, only half of the powder will require mixing with honey (or other). The use of honey or jam is not recommended for very young children under 1-year oldbecause of the high level of refinedsugar and the risk of Botulism (bacteria in honey). A sugar-free/artificial sweetener-free jam (jelly) such as St.

This is available in most large supermarkets. The same quantity of jam for the mixture 454g is required. This can then be mixed into the babys cereal or yoghurt.

It is also safe to take neat. The dosage for under 12yr olds is half a teaspoon of mixture twice a day. As a precaution (as there is no evidence to suggest it is in any way dangerous) Yamoa. Powder should not be taken during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding, without your doctors or paediatricians consent. FOR BEST RESULTS: FINISH ENTIRE MONTH'S SUPPLY EVEN IF RELIEF IS FOUND AT AN EARLY STAGE OF TREATMENT.

TWO MONTHS SUPPLY MAY BE REQUIRED AS AN INITIAL COURSE FOR MORE SEVERE/LONGSTANDING CASES. PLEASE WRITE TO US WITH YOUR COMMENTS, AFTER TREATMENT. IT IS IMPORTANT NOT TO STOP YOUR (OR YOUR CHILDS) CURRENT MEDICATION WITHOUT YOUR DOCTORS ADVICE. EVEN IF FULL RELIEF IS ACHIEVED YOU MUST ALWAYS CARRY YOUR EMERGENCY MEDICATION WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES, AS A PERSON WITH A HISTORY OF ASTHMA. It is our hope that many more people will eventually feel the benefits of Yamoa Powder through your having taken it before them. So, if after taking Yamoa, you are as pleased as most people with the result, please do a friend, relative or even a stranger a favour and pass this information on to them. You could truly help to change some lives. We do not, and will not, claim that Yamoa Powder is a cure. Where this word is mentioned about Yamoa, it is as a direct quote from a former user or critic of Yamoa Powder, and. Reflects only their own true experience. Everybody is different and everybody will react differently and have a unique experience with Yamoa Powder. We cannot offer any guarantees that. Yamoa Powder will work for you, we can only express our own and our customers' experiences of it. Who needs coupons for products they may never need to use again?

If you find you need to order again, you will get a 10% discount off every order you place, forever. Not the Norm Ltd, 80 Godstow Road, Oxford, OX2 8NY, United Kingdom.

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Yamoa 120 Capsules Food Supplement 2 4 months' supply   Yamoa 120 Capsules Food Supplement 2 4 months' supply